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Website updated on October 6th 2022 and is continuosly being updated.

Welcome to my website which is focussed on a mixture of Drone photography but also some of my Canon DSLR work. I have been a photographer for more than 30 years and although I have attended City & Guilds courses which I was fortunate to obtain a distinction I was also awarded the LRPS (Licentiateship) from the Royal Photographic Society.​

The Drone photography came about following my attending a Drone qualification course at Exeter over three days and this gave me the push to obtain my Commercial Operations certificate from the CAA. Known as the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) Now known as the OA (Operational Authorisation) It gives me an outlet to either work commercially for a customer, whether be property photography or video but also gives me an outlet to share my own work and being an Aviation author gives me a wider understanding of the safety elements that Drone Operators/Remote Pilots need to bear in mind prior to each flight planning session.

Safety is the number one priority and the following of the CAA rules comes first.

This website is dedicated to my lovely late German Shepherd Dog's 'Jet' and Storm that have given

so much love and friendship to so many. RIP Jet and Storm' my dearest beautiful Shepherds! ​ XX

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